Tips from the Web! – Remove a Stuck Ring Fast!

I saw this video on Facebook a few days back and thought I would share it with you. I love watching video tips and trying them out to see if they work. I will have to wait some time to try this one, as we are under a blanket of snow at the moment. I have had more rings stuck on fingers than I care to remember. It usually happens when I am in a hot climate, and my hands swell up in the heat.

It’s always that panic thinking OMG how am I going to get this off, say it doesn’t come off?
My usual way is to run my hand under cold water and put soap on the ring to see if it will slide off – it usually does.

This video uses dental floss, not something I always have with me, please don’t tell the dentist! LOL… I have also seen a similar video using sewing cotton.

Luckily I don’t have the same problems with stuck jeweled sandals!

Grandco Sandals 2015 – Loving the New Styles

AB Deluxe introduced a month or two ago – wow it has been a big hit! Ladies are loving the random sized jewels that make up the straps on these cute sandals. The jewels shine in the sunlight. Of course, I nearly forgot they also have the new color gray sole – a total surprise new addition from Grandco Sandals.

Grandco Sandals - Ab Deluxe Style
AB Deluxe Sandals

27233E-AB Deluxe-grandco-Sandals

Reviews from Customers

I have yet to be disappointed by any Grandco sandal I’ve ordered. Classy looks, great fit and super comfortable!

I just love these. My girlfriend saw them and said “can you get me a pair.”

I love my Grandco sandals!!! I have had about 15 pairs, and they are beautiful and affordable. Price per wear exceeds expectations. Happy girl!!!

Spring 2014 Grandco Sandal Giveaway!

This week we are kicking off the Grandco Sandal Giveaway! Someone has to win…


Win a FREE pair of Grandco Sandals


Send a photo of your Grandco Sandals in your hometown, on a local newspaper, on vacation let’s get creative. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, we like things easy so snap a picture with your phone and email it to

Closing Date:

May 30th

grandco sandals and disney cruisesGrandco Sandals World Tour

The Wedding Day! – Your Look, Your Day

Love it is The Air!

With Valentines Day right around the corner – what better way to kick off the wedding season than with some great jewelry ideas.

I choose The Dreamy Wedding Look

Of course I topped it all off with a pair of Rhinestone Grandco Sandals – after all they are Jewelry for The Feet!

The Wedding Day! - Your Look, Your Day


White gold jewelry

Infinity jewelry

Voluminous mascara

What Grandco Sandal Sold The Most in 2013?

What Grandco Sandal Sold The Most in 2013?

The Grandco Sandal Denim Thong – 25574D was our biggest seller last year. This denim sandal has always been popular since it was introduced a couple of years ago. The beads and sole of the foot have a denim pocket design making it a great beaded casual sandal to go with jeans.

Grandco Sandals Review!

This week I received my WordPress blog stats for the 2013. The post below was the top read blog post in 2013 it was originally posted Summer 2011. I thought I would share it again.

Have you been wanting to try a pair of Grandco Sandals but not sure if you will like them – check out this review I received from The Daily Goodie Bag about the Grandco Sandals.

Grandco Sandals Review

When we were contacted by The Accessory Barn to review their new Grandco Sandals line – I was super excited. Afterall, it’s summertime and I wear sandals A LOT! When they arrived, I was so glad to see they were 1. in black as the main color and 2. they had an assortment of different color beads on them, making them go with almost ANY outfit! My sister came over a few days later and was like ‘Oh my gosh! Where did you get those?!? I NEED some of those!’. I told her that the awesome people at The Accessory Barn had sent them for me to review and that she could definitely borrow them in the future.

One of my favorite things about these sandals are that they are SO versatile! You can wear them with something casual, with shorts, jeans, even dress pants for work! The material is sort of rubbery so they always wipe clean if they get any dirt or mud on them. That’s a must around my house because anytime I walk outside in sandals, my feet are covered in dirt since I often ‘scoot’ my feet. Now not only do they go with everything I own and wipe clean with ease, but they are also EXTREMELY comfortable! They don’t pinch me when I walk. I don’t feel rocks under my feet when I walk down the road (you know how some sandals you feel every pebble). They are honestly my fave pair of sandals!! 

Even my Mom who has been having feet, knee, and leg problems, has been able to wear them. Note that she hasn’t worn sandals in YEARS due to the fact that they kill her feet. They recently changed her dress code where she works and she was required to start wearing different shoes. She didn’t really have any that went with her work attire, so I let her borrow my Grandco Sandals. She’s received tons of compliments and has fallen in love with them as well.

These beaded sandals are also very durable. I have 2 toddlers who love to pull and tug on beads and have had their little hands all over them. Not one bead has come off – they still look just as they did when I first got them. This is another thing I love about them because I always seem to tear up (or my kids/pets do) my fave pairs of shoes. So glad to find a brand that I can trust will last and be stylish at the same time.

Final input? The Grandco Sandals are simply fantastic! If you love shoes that you can wear to the beach and turn around and wear to the club, these are for you! They have many different assortments of colors to choose from on their site. The style I received is Grandco Sandal Marble Deluxe are available in white, black, or brown. They also have some other styles with different bead or jewels patterns/colors on them. So many options!

Now if you’ve never heard of The Accessory Barn, you don’t know what your missing out on! They have a variety of items all of you are sure to enjoy on their site. Saress, aprons jewelry pashminas and more! Very easy to navigate around their site and find just what you are looking for.

Another thing I would like to mention, is that the customer service I have received from Nicola at The Accessory Barn has been great! She has stayed in touch with me the entire time. Ensured that I liked the sandals and that they fit. She made sure to let me know when they shipped and checked back to see if they had arrived. She’s always been super nice and easy to talk to. That’s an extremely valuable customer service quality when you are shopping online. I couldn’t be happier and am so pleased that we were able to team up!

Bridal Sandals by Grandco Sandals!

It’s that time of year again – Bridal shows will be in full swing in the coming months. Brides will be hunting down that perfect pair of sandals or shoes for their upcoming wedding. In the coming weeks we will showcase some of our popular bridal sandals.

Choices, Choices – high heels, flats, sandals or shoes? What will be chosen for the big day? Enter Grandco Sandals the best kept secret of the bridal world!

Below is Grandco Sandals VVS1 25226E – One of our most popular choices of bridal sandal. They are total BLING! Did you wear a pair of these for your wedding?

bridal sandals by grandco sandals at the accessory barn grandco_sandals_group_25226E_Whcl

Why Grandco Sandals Make the Perfect Choice For Brides!

Are you getting married this year or know someone that is? All brides want a pair of stylish and dazzling shoes or sandals for their big day – but often due to the excitement of the day, they overlook the fact that they will be on their feet probably most of the day and end up sacrificing beauty for comfort!

As a bride on her big day the last thing you want are blisters and aching feet at the end of the night. The Accessory Barn has the perfect solution for you and your bridal party. Over the years we have had many brides choosing Grandco Sandals for their big day – No longer do you need to choose beauty over comfort!

With a Grandco Sandal not only is the sandal comfy but with the jewels and choice of either 1″ or 2″ molded heel they are perfect for those brides wanting a little height or a flat sandal.

It doesn’t matter if you are having a very formal church wedding or a beautiful beach wedding – Grandco Sandals are the perfect choice. What other wedding shoe or sandal will you be able to wear long after the honeymoon is over?

Perfect Wedding Sandal by Grandco Sandals
Grandco Sandals

Ladies and Mens – Grandco Sandals

A match has been made!

Ladies and Mens - Grandco Sandals

Did you know – men can now own a comfortable pair of Grandco Sandals with a molded sole, style 8318-MN.
Our customer sent us this photo of their recent sandal purchase!

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