Conquering the World with Grandco Sandals!

History of The Accessory Barn and why I turned to blogging!

In 2009, I was on vacation with my family and I stumbled upon Grandco Sandals in a store. Although I had never heard of the brand, I instantly loved their look with those beautiful jewel and beaded sandals. I had to purchase a pair! I chose a pair with ornate square jeweled stones and silver beading, knowing they would match just about any summer outfit. I wore them all day after buying them, and for the first time I had a pair of cute jeweled sandals, that did not need to be broken in or break the bank!

Grandco Sandal Customer Photos!

The next day I headed right back to the store to purchase a few more pairs of jeweled and beaded flip-flops and was disappointed to only find only one other style in my size. Once back at home, women were commenting on my beaded sandals and always asking where I had purchased them. When I looked for the Grandco Sandals, the only places I found those jeweled sandals were online with high shipping costs and hardly ever in my size.

I decided there was space in the online world for someone to bring those stylish beaded flip-flops by Grandco Sandals and other trendy fashion accessories to women everywhere.

The Accessory Barn was born.

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