Under $20 – Holiday Gift Ideas!

The holiday season is right around the corner, it’s one of my favorite times of year! I love making a list of what to get everyone. The stores will be extending their opening hours and the mad rush will begin. Don’t you just love hunting down that perfect item, only find it was the last one on the shelf and it’s broken, or the blouse you wanted – is out of stock in the size you need!

When you do finally find that perfect item for your loved one – you give yourself a big pat on the back and head to the checkout – where you are now in a line of 10 people! The line is going to take at least 20 mins till you are at the front. Now if you add kids to this little mix – you know that just as you are getting to the front, your little one will desperately need to use the restroom and of course they can’t wait!

Alternatively, you could shop from the comfort of your own home using the Internet. No lines of people to wait behind. No people pushing and shoving you. You can watch TV with your feet up in the warm, whilst you browse the web! The Accessory Barn is going to try and make your holiday shopping a little easier this year. Over the coming weeks I will be sharing gift ideas plus did you know – we now offer Gift Cards! If you want a certain amount on a Gift Card that isn’t shown –  email me and I will make that amount available for you to purchase.

Holiday Gift Ideas

Heart Photo Keychain

Pouchee Purse Organizer

Pouchee Purse Organizer

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