Grandco Sandals 2015 – Loving the New Styles!

AB Deluxe introduced a few months ago – Wow it has been a big hit – no sooner it is on the website it has been sold!

Our sandal ladies are loving the random sized jewels that make up the straps on these cute sandals. Grandco went the extra step with an AB coating which makes the jewels shine various colors in the sunlight.

Of course, I nearly forgot they also have the new color gray sole – a total surprise new addition from Grandco Sandals.

We are in love with these sandals – if you own a pair please send us a photo of you wearing them.Grandco Sandals in Gray - Jeweled Sandals



Reviews from Customers

‘I have yet to be disappointed by any Grandco Sandal I’ve ordered. Classy looks, great fit and super comfortable!’

‘I just love these. My girlfriend saw them and said “can you get me a pair.’

‘I love my Grandco Sandals!!! I have had about 15 pairs, and they are beautiful and affordable. Price per wear exceeds expectations. Happy girl!!!’




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