Tips from the Web! – Remove a Stuck Ring Fast!

One afternoon, as I was wasting time scrolling through Facebook, I came across a video about how to get a stuck ring off your finger. I saved the video to watch at a later stage, well today I went back and watched it. It was pretty good, so I decided to share on here. I love watching video tips and trying them out to see if they work.

Over the years I have had more rings stuck on my fingers than I care to remember. It usually happens when I am in a hot climate on vacation, my hands swell up in the heat.

There is always that panic thinking – OMG ‘how am I going to get this off,’ ‘say it doesn’t come off’? My usual go-to way is to run my hand under cold water and put soap on the ring to see if it will slide off – it usually does.

Anyone out there have any great tips for getting stuck jewelry off.

This video uses dental floss, not something I always have with me, please don’t tell the dentist! I have also seen a similar video using sewing cotton.

Luckily I don’t have the same problems with stuck jeweled sandals!

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