Welcome to The Sandal Girls blog that I write (at least try to write) in conjunction with The Accessory Barn.

I was born and raised in England. In 2003, my husband was offered the chance to move to the U.S.A big decision. But with no children yet to worry about – we packed up everything in England and moved to the Mid-West; we never looked back!

Happily settled in the U.S., I am now a devoted mother of two energetic boys and my journey through motherhood is the inspiration behind The Accessory Barn.

“When my sons were babies; I never had the time to get out to the stores to find those all-important accessories to complete my outfits. Having two pregnancies within two years of each other, mostly I was dressed in maternity wear. The only thing I could always rely on, to mix up my look was my fashion accessories. My pashmina scarves and cute sandals always fitted regardless of my weight gains or losses – They were and still are my best friends!”

I love all things fashion and beauty. I will be sharing fashion and beauty tips some that I have learned and others I have seen on the web, along the way I may even talk about my continuous battle to get fit.

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  1. Hi Nicola – Nice to meet you via 31DBB. I like your blog and am interested in your business. I’m looking forward to learning from each other.

    I’m tweeting at @itsleisa and @littlewordgods

    Cheers, Leisa

  2. Hey Nicola,
    Just dropped by to see your blog. Enjoyed my visit. A friend introduced me to the 31DBBB. Having a great time, although frustrating at times, trying to figure out how a blog works.

  3. Hi Nicola:

    I just ordered a pair of Grandco Sandals from you. How long does it usually take to receive your confirmation e-mail, and your order? I live in Canada. Thank you!

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