The Accessory Barn

History of The Accessory Barn

In 2009, I purchased a pair of Grandco Sandals on holiday. Once home, I couldn’t find anywhere to purchase more of these wonderful beaded flip-flops. I searched everywhere. Nowhere had these comfortable and stylish jeweled Grandco Sandals that I had come to love. At the same time, I was getting a ton of compliments every time I wore them. I needed more!

Finally, I decided I was going to set up a website selling these cute sandals. The Accessory Barn opened online!

My mission is to help fashion forward ladies with that special accessory to give each day and night’s outfit that extra wow factor!
I now stock the biggest selection of the jeweled and beaded Grandco Sandals, along with a small selection of pashmina scarves and semi-precious stretch bracelets.


  1. Hi Nicola,
    I went to visit a friend last year and bought some Grandco sandals they are so comfortable & I get many compliments about them too….do you know if anyone over here in the UK sells them?? I would love some more but when looking on e-bay the shipping cost more that the sandals….it’s a shame.
    Do you ship to the UK?
    Here’s hoping you get back to me.

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